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4-robert-downey-jr-less-than-zero“Less Than Zero” is a brat packer stab at movie legitimacy.  Produced towards the end of their cinematic reign, it features bland, packer poster boy Andrew McCarthy, Jami Gertz and then fringe packer Robert Downey Jr.  He was in “Weird Science” as well.  “Zero” contains most of the elements that would come to identify the source material’s author, Bret Easton Ellis.  Mainly being rich, privileged young people acting selfish and narcissistic.  It’s not a horrid film but nor is it entirely memorable.  The tepidness of McCarthy and Gertz keep the movie strictly at midlevel, though they do share a couple of surprisingly lusty sex scenes.  The only thing keeping this movie in the cinematic encyclopedia is Downey Jr.  For years his truthful and intense portrayal of a hopeless drug addict would serve as forshadowing to his own life.  But now clean, sober and successful one can appreciate him as a burgeoning actor whose talent marginalizes everyone else on the screen.  All in all the movie tends to serve as proof why the 80’s needed to die; the clothes, the hair, the coke, and why so few actors of the genre had meaningful careers after the fact.

On a side note, this film serves as the final chapter of the ‘Andrew McCarthy vs. James Spader’ trilogy.


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