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“The Seventh Seal” is a wonderful movie to ponder about but a nearly impossible movie to write about.  It’s one of the penultimate, cinematic classics that thousands have pontificated over.  Adding anything useful to the dialogue seems unlikely at best.  I merely hope relay my sense of respect for the endeavor.  Having originally watched it some 8 odd years ago, “Seal” took on the dressings of an untouchable classic of which I felt incredibly ignorant.  I could remember little to nothing about the experience, only that it was dour, much appreciated and not in color.

Watching it today I was overcome with a renewed respect for the material and all the little wonders contained in its frames.  Every sequence in and of itself feels like its own small movie.  Thought and emotion run under every second of it, its stark imagery masking the irony and black humor contained through so much of it.  In the 50+ years since its original release, “Seal” has been lampooned endlessly and marginalized as leaden by many.  Flippancy has tried to kill it over time, but failed.  It is still a masterpiece of the highest order and I think that those who wish to belittle it with cheap jokes say more about themselves than the film itself.

On a side note, this may be my favorite Criterion cover and the transfer of this film looks beyond amazing on Blu Ray.


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