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final countdown

What a waste.  For reasons I can’t fathom “The Final Countdown” is a minor cult classic.  The setup is a classic and it should’ve been an exceptional movie.  A fully armed and operational aircraft carrier from 1980 encounters a freak storm and winds up back in time, right as the Japanese are about to attack Pearl Harbor.  The carrier can easily wipe out the Japanese attack force and save thousands of American lives.  But should they alter the course of history to do so?  That’s as far as things get in the movie itself.  It spends most of its runtime making its characters run around asking ‘What’s happening?’  Martin Sheen and Kirk Douglas play second fiddle to endless montages of airplanes and bombs.  It feels more like a Navy/Air Force recruitment film than a credible piece of alternative history/science fiction.  Not only is the entire thing underwritten and dull, it has a piss poor ending that renders the entire movie pointless.  This is one case where a remake in the hands of an enthusiastic creative team would be welcomed.  Hell, the poster to the side is cooler than anything in the film itself.


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