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Jackie Chan is essentially a porno star who kicks instead of screws, whose action films are porno with fighting instead of fucking.  Like most porno stars, his acting prowess is non-existent.  His ability to deliver dialogue even a little convincingly is questionable.  But his ability to perform eye popping feats of physicality is without question.  He can simply do things most of us cannot do.  And like porn flicks his movies consist of strictly inane dialogue and tepid plotting no one cares about.  You fast forward through most of it and never miss a thing.  You’re strictly here for one reason and one reason only, to watch the guy amaze.  So by the criteria established here, “Police Story” is only so-so action smut.  Chan does pull off some amazing things, lots of baseball bats, crashing glass and one really good sequence with two cars, but there’s too much bullshit getting in the way.  The movie could be condensed into a 20 minute clip reel of the stunt work and you’d have all that mattered.  And of those 20 minutes only a few choice segments really stand out.  I think Michael Bay ripped off one for himself.  This one is for die hard Chan fans only.


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