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Ten Word or Less Review: Crap.  I only needed one word.

Genre film fans who adore 70’s and 80’s offbeat B-movies are a hard lot to trust.  Sometimes they worship genuinely unique creations with unappreciated merits and their fandom is more than deserved.  Other times they tout movies of questionable quality and merit which make them seem over eager to grab onto material under the radar in an attempt to be different.  And then sometimes it seems their eyes are poked out as they waste time building up movies like “Q: The Winged Serpent.”

I have no desire to waste a lot of space on this.  I’ve consistently heard about this film for years and it turns out to be nothing more than lame ass monster movie with lame ass special effects and lame ass everything else.  Why some pillars of movie advocacy continue to tout it is baffling.  Fans of monster movies will be unimpressed with the brief, awful shots of the stop motion creature.  Fans of legendary bad asses David Carradine and Richard Roundtree will find little in the way of bad assery on their part.  Besides the poster there’s really nothing to recommend.  This movie sucks.


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