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Ten Word or Less Review: Repetitious crime movie.  Why the cult status?

“The Boondock Saints” is the real deal when it comes to cult love.  It failed miserably upon its original release.  It’s been seen by only those who know to seek it out.  It’s found its small success entirely on DVD.  Director Troy Duffy only recently got to make another movie after ten years off, “Boondock Saints II”.  Those who love it swear by it without question.  You can walk into Hot Topic and buy a “Boondock” shirt.  Movies like this usually have a catch to warrant the fandom; great dialogue, interesting characters, a wildly unpredictable plot or aesthetic.  “The Boondock Saints” has almost none of these qualities.  Remove a scenery chewing Willem Dafoe as an aggressive, perceptive, homosexual FBI agent and “Saints” would be left with nothing but two poorly defined Irish hooligans who decide to take up killing mobsters for 100 minutes.  So, why the love for it?

The gun play is kind of stylish but the nature of the movie is so repetitive as to be maddening.  Irish guys kill mobsters, FBI agent figures out how it went down.  Them saying a prayer for the dead after they kill their victims is as close to character development as it gets.  When it takes on the air of a movie advocating, self-righteous vengeance against criminals, things become completely dunderheaded.   I’m so completely unimpressed and indifferent to it I don’t even want to write anything else about it.  It’s boring and silly and that’s that.

P.S.  I watched the Director’s Cut of the film.  Not sure how much different it is from previous versions.


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