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Ten Word or Less Review: Not for me.

“Night of the Creeps” is apparently a long sought after 80’s horror film which has just now seen the light of day on DVD, 12 years into the format and 23 years after its initial release.  Absence apparently makes the heart grow fonder for some.  I’ll give the movie some credit for trying to be different.  From the alien prologue to the 50’s horror movie intro I thought there might be something worth pursuing here.  But as soon as the movie shifts to its contemporary, 1986, setting, things turn formulaic.  The geek in love with the pretty girl who dates the preppy sleaze again?  Then brain slugs start popping out and zombies shuffle around and everything starts getting shot in the head. I just zoned it out about half way through.  It’s a smidgen cleverer than most of what this genre has to offer and it’s never really a rank thing, but at its core it’s a dopey movie with silly characters that doesn’t have a lot to offer those who don’t think of it without a shot of nostalgia in the arm.


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