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Ten Word or Less Review: Not bad, but what’s the big freakin’ deal?

In a world where left field phenomenon is exceedingly rare due to pre-release hype and interent buzz, it’s always interesting to see a movie with little to no expectations like “The Hangover” do remarkably well.  Things are so foretold these days that we can probably take a stab at next years biggest hits and be at least 60% right.  “The Hangover” became an unqualified sensation this summer past, but despite the massive audience for it and the generally decent reviews, I stayed away.  I didn’t see anything remarkable about the previews, which typically contain a comedy’s best jokes.  So I waited patiently and today I finally partook in everyone’s comedy drug of choice for the year.  What I found was a fairly decent, not awful, sporadically funny road picture with a game cast, some randy jokes, that was ultimately pretty inconsequential.

A pack of schmucks go to Vegas for a bachelor party and get so wasted that when they wake up they don’t remember how they lost the groom to be, or any of the other crazy shit they did.  They go forth to piece together their blacked out evening.  I guess the biggest drawback to “Hangover” is that there’s never a sensation of anything being at stake.  The missing groom is the least of the characters and the situation developed around his disappearance never feels very stressful.  If you know movie rules then you know he’s fine the whole time.  “The Hangover” seemed to take off based on the strength of its goofy characters and their stock situations.  Stop.

I’d go on with this but I don’t know why I should.  It was okay.  No big deal.  Nickpicking at this won’t accomplish much and I honestly don’t feel much about it one way or the other.  I’ll go sit on the couch and pet the cat while everyone gets high on this and not be the party pooper.  Enjoy.


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