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Ten Word or Less Review – Eh.  Only needed one word.

“The Ninth Gate” is a mildly paced, occult thriller by acclaimed and controversial director Roman Polanski.  Whatever you think of Polanski’s purported classics, either works of brilliance or overrated bores, there’s no mistaking “Ninth Gate” as little more than a minor effort.  Whatever drew the director to the material is an enigma, while his presence behind the camera likely accounts for the casting of Johnny Depp.  Depp is in rote form here.  His character’s only amusing attribute being his ability to chain smoke around priceless books.  This is a case of two heavyweight names coming together for a largely forgettable experience.  It’s worst parts lapse into silly but fleeting sequences of amateruishness.  The rest is just mechanical thriller routines which lead to familiar places and sequences.  The last scene is notably weird.


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