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Breaker Morant (1980): A dark companion film to Stanley Kubrick’s “Paths of Glory”.  Similar to “Paths”, three soldiers, Australians serving the British Empire during the Boer War, are put on trial for war crimes.  Where as Kubrick’s soldiers were guys randomly picked to stand in a bogus trial for cowardice and be executed, the soldiers here are actually guilty of a crime.  Most movies of this sort are essentially underdog stories out to expose injustice.  The soldiers in “Morant” actually did the things they are accused of, but felt justified in that their acts were during war.  You feel some sympathy for these guys but they’re basically guilty for what they did.  The movie makes no effort to tell us anything about the Boer’s of South Africa either.  They’re little more than farmers in dingy clothes.  Well made movie with good performances but its politics seem limited in scope and more than a little backwards.

Logan’s Run (1976):  If 60’s and 70’s sci-fi flicks can be the most clueless, blissed out type of movie then “Logan’s Run” represents an apex of the genre.  Perhaps second only to “Zardoz” or “Barbarella” in the tripped out and silly looking department, “Logan’s Run” presents a future where the last remnants of humanity live blissfully in a big dome where they indulge in human pleasure at every moment but only live to be 30.  When they die at 30 they put on skintight bodysuits covered in flames, wear hockey mask and float around in a big arena where they explode.  Fashion of the future consists of see through table cloths that come in yellow, red or green.  Everyone travels in tubes.  It all seems quite insane at first but as it chugs along it starts to feel like, and eventually become, a retread of most utopian nightmare scenarios.  It’s that same future/parable where everyone is wonderfully ignorant and happy while our protagonist learns that the life everyone is chasing is a lie and must expose the truth.  Though it won an Oscar for special effects most of the miniatures look like things you could buy at Hobby Lobby.


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