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Ten Word or Less Review – Typical Willis suck fest.

In 25 years of movie making Bruce Willis has made more forgettable, derivative, boiler plate action thrillers than any of his contemporaries.  “Surrogates” is one more clog in his long resume of run of the mill out put.

Set in a future where we all stay home and let robotic duplicates live our lives for us, “Surrogates” is a Frankenstein styled movie that borrows and imitates from so many other semi-recent sci-fi flicks, “I, Robot”, “Minority Report”, “The Sixth Day”, that it can’t establish any identity of it’s own.  Its screenplay was either half finished, gutted during production or generic and clichéd to begin with.  Such is a shame because the idea proposes lots of potential, if not for ponderous, upscale sci-fi, then at least a vehicle for clever action.  Director Jonathon Mostow has shown a flare for solid adventure pieces in the past with “Breakdown” and “U-571”, but he can’t make a go of this.  The movie plays like a slick looking production made for no more purpose than to fit comfortably into a cable broadcast on FX.

Fans of Willis will find him fully ensconced in his now worn out persona of stoic action star.  He looks so bored with everything I would imagine he’d eat his own foot for something interesting to do.  We all know and love, or at least like, Willis.  When he finds a good director and a good project to invest himself in, he can shine.  But too often he’s a lazy whore doing it for money.  This is yet another example of him taking the paycheck and letting the film stink up the joint while he walks away with a mountain of cash.

It’s come as no surprise to anyone when this type of Willis film materializes.  I’m usually sly enough to stay away from them.  Why did I watch this one?  I really don’t know.


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