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Black Dynamite – “Dynamite” is a kick ass idea, for about 30 or 40 minutes.  Not quite a parody of Blaxploitation cinema as a loving and dedicated recreation of the genre.  “Dynamite” is acutely aware of the absurdity and amateurish moves that made this genre what it was.  Badass brothers, boom mikes in afros, beautiful soul sisters, weak stunt work, lame honkeys up to jive shit, but more importantly, enough stone cold attitude to fill a theater with righteous badassery.  “Dynamite” scores major points with some hilarious bits in its first half.  Co-writer and star Michael Jai White nearly push the Wayan’s “I’m Gonna Get You Sucka” off the cinematic map forever.   But truth be told, this is a slim idea to work a whole movie out of and it starts to get silly and forced.  It’s a handful of top quality SNL sketches turned into a movie that slowly runs out of credible gimmicks to poke fun at.  While it can’t sustain itself completely, when it’s on, it’s top notch.  It’s a movie sure to drum up underground support.  I’m willing to bet some of its more quotable moments are already on a t-shirt somewhere.  My favorites include but aren’t limited to:

  • Hey man, you sent her in here with them titties, what did you expect?
  • First Lady, I’m sorry I pimp slapped you into that china cabinet.
  • Shh, mama, you gonna wake up the rest of the bitches.
  • You diabolical dick shrinkin’ mother fuckers!

It Might Get Loud: At the beginning of this documentary which brings together guitar legends Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White, an off camera voice asks White what might happen with all three of them in a room together.  White’s reply, “I don’t know, maybe a fist fight.”  That would’ve been iconic, what’s here is mostly stoic.  “Loud” features these three titans of guitar reminiscing about how they came to be the virtuosos they are and……well that’s about all.  The music is of course awesome, but there’s no real narrative purpose to this little experiment.  Occasionally a documentary proposes an idea or subject that looks great on paper, but fails to produce anything really worth watching and this is one of those cases.  You’d be just as well served to listen to some CDs from each legend or their influences while reading their wikipedia page.


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