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I watched this movie last night and tried to write something about it.  Blathered out a few paragraphs and called it quits.  Thought about it again today and quickly realized something.  There’s nothing to say about this movie.  There’s no bitchy angel or comedic ribbing to give it that’s worth the effort.  It’s exactly the giant piece of shit it was advertised as and promised to be.  Tons of special effects that cost more than cancer research with a brain dead, run of the mill disaster movie scenario driving the entire predictable machine.  You can slam Roland Emmerich with negativity all day long and it makes no difference.  The man and the film are not about credibility.  This is what he does and he’s not changing for me or anyone else.  If you get off on his brand of apocalyptic horseshit that routinely involves world monuments being obliterated while non-headlining actors get paid much too well for gawking at his increasingly fancy CGI, then “2012” will entertain you to no end.  The rest of us will just stare at it in a bored stupor that sets in much too easily.


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