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A none-to-bad set for a suspense thriller goes unfulfilled thanks to a second rate screenplay, lousy characterizations and uninspired direction.  Writer-director Adam Green schemes up a good scenario, three people trapped on a ski lift facing no way down for days, but he doesn’t have the necessary chops to pull his idea together.  His characters consist of douche bag A, douche bag B and douche bag A’s girlfriend.  These people suck from the get go so when things go bad for them, we don’t care.  Viewers with no tolerance for shitty characters might actually enjoy their suffering.

The action builds well on paper, someone jumps off the lift, wolves show up, frostbite sets in, someone tries to shimmy down the cable and so on.  But not only is Green a bad writer of character, he’s not an inspired director either.  He almost squeezes some suspense out of things, a few sequences work well enough, but overall success remains out of his reach.  The biggest problem with the entire effort is that there’s a pretty obvious pseudo-solution to their predicament, one that this viewer thought up right at the start, but no one in the group tries or even suggest.



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