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The Killer Inside Me (2010) – Michael Winterbottom gets an awesome performance out of Casey Affleck, here playing a small town sheriff with a propensity for cold-hearted killing when things don’t go his way.  After falling into a sexual fling with a prostitute on the edge of town, Jessica Alba, situations involving blackmail and revenge start to curl around him and threaten his being.  His solution to problems is always to kill, a twisted grin slowly creeping over his face as he does in his victims.  For him, ending someone’s life is as troublesome as taking out a bag of garbage.  Based on an old Jim Thompson novel of the same name, the rest of the movie’s plot and characters are just a shade sketchy.  Winterbottom glosses over his plot a little too haphazardly and a feeling of unimportance hangs some things.  But Affleck is always commanding of the screen as this unflappable psycho.  The rest of the cast, even in fleeting parts, put their best foot forward.  I can say I’ve seen Kate Hudson in a movie which didn’t look like eye rape from 50 miles away.


The Keep (1983) – The dubious directorial debut from now highly respected director Michael Mann (Heat).  A bunch of Nazi’s roll into a small Hungarian village to take possession of an ancient religious temple being guarded by the locals.  Locals tell them not to touch the fancy crosses all over the walls.  Nazi’s touch the crosses.  Evil unleashed.  Unleashed evil starts killing Nazis.  So why should we root against this evil, Nazi killing demon?  The script is terrible and the film feels nonsensical via bad writing and editing that feels like it was done with a machete.  If there was ever a coherent movie here it was chopped away with vigorous abandon.  Scott Glenn is our hero who barely gets a name and it doesn’t help that his role is retarded.  It’s his purpose in life to stop the evil demon, who looks like a naked Skeletor, and even has the only weapon which can stop it, yet he lives in another country hundreds of miles away.  Fucking moron.  Mann manages to give the movie a decent look, some of it could pass for a stylized 80’s music video, but there’s no hope for this mess.  Tangerine Dream contributes the one worth while effort of the show, a neato synth score that should’ve haunted a different movie.  Mann fans can find this goofy mishmash of crap via Netflix on demand.


Antichrist (2009) – Lars Von Trier’s latest attempt to piss off film critics and movie goers.  And boy did he succeeded at ticking off a lot with Antichrist.  A married couple has a wild fuck and as they’re lost in sexual bliss, their infant son crawls out of his crib and out the window of their apartment.  After his death the mother, Charlotte Gainsborough, becomes consumed with grief.  The husband, Willem Dafoe, tries to use therapy and logic to bring her around.  They get nowhere.  The two then head off for a cabin in a place simply dubbed Eden.  Here things go from bad to worse to totally fucked.  Aggressive sex is performed, stomach clinching violence ensues, a fox makes an ominous statement.  While Von Trier may be attempting to say something about the differing natures of grief within men and women, his shock tactics work against him.  His movie becomes a deranged experience very likely to send people running from the room.  It’s all beautifully shot and it’s as compelling and unique an experience you’re likely to have with a movie, but it will probably make the squeamish and sensitive folk freak out and vomit.  Had Von Trier been a little less adamant about disgusting his audience, he may have made a more thoughtful impression on people.  It’s equal parts fascinating and repulsive.






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