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Ten Word or Less Review: Text book example of a train wreck.

The stories of how Jonah Hex fell into the state of utter disrepair and incomprehension must be abundant and fascinating, endlessly more amusing than anything the movie has to offer.  The carcass on the table here is a slapdash 75 minutes of rote, western, comic book crap gutted of story, character and most of its plot.  Never trust a movie which begins with inordinate amounts of expository narration and montages.  As bad as it is and as long as you could spend picking it apart, there’s really only one example of its ineptitude which needs to be pointed out which demonstrates how screwed up this thing is.

When this pointless implosion of a movie reached its end credits, actor Michael Shannon’s name appeared emblazoned across the screen.  While not a house hold name Shannon is an Academy Award nominated actor (Revolutionary Road), stars in HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, and will be reimagining iconic comic book baddie Zod for the next Superman movie.  Josh and I looked at each other almost instantly because we both realized that Shannon had not been in the movie we just watched.  Not a line of dialogue, no scenes, nothing.  An actor being credited for a role not actually in the movie at hand is not uncommon, but it’s usually a small, insignificant supporting role.  Shannon’s name flashed across the screen after Brolin, Fox and Malkovich.  Poking around the deleted scenes we found Shannon’s scene but we’re left to wonder, how do you completely exercise a major, and talented, performer from a film but forget to take his name off the credits?  Such is the sad case of Jonah Hex, a lousy, non-starter comic book hero that joins the sad ranks of The Spirit, Judge Dredd, Catwoman, Electra, Steel and many more in the argument that not every damn comic book character needs a movie.   Especially not one like this.



  1. Never having been a fan of DC apart from Batman titles and Green Arrow, I had zero knowledge of this property. I watched this and discussed with a friend who had some knowledge of the character, apparently there was nothing really in common with the comic book itself. As for the movie, it was god awful.

  2. Guess it’s another example of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen syndrome. Let’s make a movie based off a comic and ignore all the things which define it!

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