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Ten Word or Less Review: Big summer comedy lives up to hype.

Hangover 2 thoroughly won the box office battle this summer but Bridesmaids won the hearts and minds of the people.  This Judd Apatow produced flick has his well-tested fingerprints all over.  It is a well written and meaningful comedy that isn’t afraid to dive into toilet humor.  Though oft chalked up by some as Hangover for girls the comparison is lazy and off base.  Bridesmaids tries much harder to be something besides a collection a silly potty humor.  It doesn’t talk down to its audience or even make things easy all the way through.  Kristen Wiig’s Annie is a sympathetic character but she is also destructive and emotionally stunted, something the film fully acknowledges and deals with head on.  It is a testament to Wiig’s winning screen persona that we tolerate Annie as well as we do.  In the hands of a lesser performer, Hi Kate Hudson!, we’d probably wait for her to get run over by a bus and enjoy it when it happened.  Bridesmaids was one of this summer’s only word of mouth hits which shows how much people took to it.  Not many films play to sizeable audiences for two solid months anymore.  If you didn’t make it yet it hits home video in just a couple of weeks.  The women will probably love it and the guys should have little trouble acknowledging its winning charms.



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