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Ten Word or Less Review: Clovertroll.  The Troll Witch Project.

A low budget Norwegian take on the found footage of doomed videographers genre.  A group of three young journalist start following around a mysterious hunter named Hans who they think is a bear poacher.  It turns out he’s actually hunting giant trolls which the general public has failed to notice lumbering around the land side.  Who doesn’t see a 80 foot monster walking around?  Are Norwegians blind?  Kind of fun but it doesn’t bring much new to this limited genre.

If watching people run from giant monsters while holding cameras is your thing then it should be enough to hold your interest.  Having an interesting character besides Hans the Troll Hunter may have made things a little more involving.  The camera crew kids are never more than participants on the run from the various flesh munching trolls.  The special effects are surprisingly effective if a little low rent looking.  The dark cinematography and use of night vision video in places helps keep the edges between CGI and reality nicely blurred.  In the end Troll Hunter makes no sense but it’s a fun ride to take.


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