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Ten Word or Less Review – It’s nice.

A low key independent vehicle that got rave reviews but failed to generate the Juno/Little Miss Sunshine audience some felt it deserved.  The comparisons aren’t off base but Win Win isn’t as plucky and spirited as either.  It’s very well meaning but too glum and visually dour to ever reach the kind of elevating place those efforts achieved.  It is cute in places but never laugh out loud funny.  It has some decent dramatic beats but it never socks you hard.  Win Win’s dogged refusal to leave this realistic and cloudy middle ground is what keeps it from being as much as it wants to be.  Paul Giamatti turns in the kind of work he’s known and respected for but playing this kind of nice, schluby, put upon every man seems like something he can do in his sleep now.  It’s unfair to criticize an actor for turning in solid work but this is an odd case of an actor perhaps being too on the nose for a part.  The supporting cast is sturdy and respectable (Burt Young!) and the screenplay is solid but once it’s over it is likely to pass into the vast swath of vaguely decent movies you watch one time but never think about again.


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