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Ten Word or Less Review: Mahna mahna!

I had an idea to write a VERY long review for The Muppets but I don’t see much point in doing so.  The Muppets is a cute adventure vehicle for Jim Henson’s iconic creations.  Kermit, Piggy, Gonzo and the rest of the gang are all here tugging at your heart and nostalgia strings.  If you’ve been pining away for a new Muppet experience then you finally have something worth seeing.  It would pretty easy to pick on it and take issue with this and that element of it, I think this is a far from perfect Muppet movie, but to do so almost feels mean spirited.  It’s been made with the best of intentions, maintains the spirit of Muppet tradition, and the world at large once again seems appreciative of Kermit and his felt friends.  I’ll be content and let Behemoth swallow my qualms about The Muppets, say thanks for an okay time and give a heartfelt Mahna Mahna to everyone.


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