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Ten Word or Less Review: Space junk

This is a straight up piece of movie crap floating in the toilet bowl of cinema.  I can’t rightly fathom what it’s doing playing in a theater.  It belongs on history’s massive wall of theater skipping video rentals that desperate people and action junkies rent for themselves on Saturday night.  Made by two dummies whose name I don’t want to bother looking up, they aimed high and hired Guy Pierce, instead of Lundgren or Snipes, to glib it up and be snarky and then built a ramshackle movie about a space prison around his character.  Pierce s having a good time but it’s at our expense so in a way it’s insulting.  I snuck in so I didn’t feel as ticked about it as others will be.  Guy’s a good actor and he doesn’t get to headline much so his decision to jump into this is really just depressing.  It looks cheap, it’s boring, it’s stupid and most of it’s characters are walking plot holes.  By next week no one will remember this.





What were we talking about?



  1. Wasn’t I supposed to see this with you?

  2. Was that your evil twin?

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