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Best Movie To Act As A Fast Food Deterrent

killer joe

Killer Joe

I will never eat KFC again.  Ever.  Killer Joe has guaran-fucking-teed that healthy life style decision.  If you want to rid yourself of any lingering desire to nosh on the Colonel’s greasy servings dished out by minimum wage teenage slaves, just watch this story of a white trash family trying to knock off their mother for insurance money.  While the movie itself isn’t much more than an average/okay, Coen inspired, retread of morons trying to get away with murder and betrayal, director William Friedkin’s (The Exorcist) casting of Matthew McConaughey as killer for hire and local cop Joe is inspirational.

Sometime recently Mr. McConaughey decided to reclaim his soul from Satan’s clutches and once again be an actor instead of a prop for Kate Hudson.  His turn as Joe just reeks of twisted and malignant perversions.  He consumes the movie and Friedkin gladly obliges.  It feels like Emile Hirsh (Into the Wild) was meant to be the star of the piece but once McConaughey walked on set that all changed.  Hirsh’s dimwit criminal just couldn’t hold the camera.  When Joe barters to take the borderline autistic, virgin sister (Juno Temple) of Hirsh as a down payment for his mother snuffing services, the story just starts waiving the freak flag.  His first seduction of the willing adolescent is probably too sick for normal folk.  Decent people shouldn’t/won’t watch stuff like this.  Maybe that’s for the best.  Maybe go rent The Watch?  The whole thing slowly twist itself around like a snake on psychotropic narcotics, getting weirder and weirder until it’s amazing finale.

It’s in that finale scene when McConaughey does something with a KFC chicken leg which will live on in movie food lore forever.  It may not be Nic Cage eating a cockroach or that Korean guy in Oldboy eating a live octopus, but I’m pretty poor Gina Gershon will never think about eating chicken for dinner the same again.  I sure as shit know I won’t, and I only watched it.


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