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Most Overrated Studio Movie

Final Mondo Avengers Poster

 The Avengers

Damn, this is a really silly movie. Why did entire an planet lose it’s shit for this?  I understand there was a lot of build up and that Marvel’s scheme to lead into this mega-event mash up was a stroke of marketing genius, but The Avengers is one huge marshmallow puff of a flick.  Why did everyone completely miss how vacuous and goofy it was?  I think everyone was distracted by the floating aircraft carrier.  Floating aircraft carriers can distract just about anyone from anything.  What do playing basketball, robbing a bank and having sex in a hot tub have in common?  All three can be exciting as Hell but you’ll stop doing all of them to check out a floating aircraft carrier.  The plot itself?  Loki has a stick that makes the Avengers bicker and as they squabble he gets the upper hand and then uses his mighty blue cube to unleash a big army of nondescript, segway flying aliens on Manhattan.  Okay then.

If Marvel has gotten one thing right with this series it’s in the casting and everyone from Downey’s Stark to Evan’s Cap is bringing the charm.  They are a delightful lot on occasion and it’s this reason why the show is watchable at all.  The guiding hand of Joss Whedon no doubt helps but he’s capable of more than what’s here.  Casting Ruffalo as Hulk was also aces and the movie has spectacle to spare come time for the finale but so much of it otherwise felt like candy colored filler.  No one in this movie is in real danger and nothing really terrible is going to happen to anyone.  O’ my God they killed the guy in the suit who has walk-ons in all the other movies!  Yeah big whoop.  Call me when Stark gets impaled in a telephone pole or something.  I bet anything that guy is back in two movies.  And then I’m supposed to get all happy joy joy geeky because some dude named Thanos flashes his mug at the end of the movie.  I don’t know who the Hell Thanos is and I don’t really care.  My friends who actually read this stuff had to explain it to me.  He’ll be the bad guy in Avengers 2.  Good for him.  His agent is probably thrilled.

All comic book movies are inherently silly but the best of them try to rise above that inherent silliness just a little.  When you don’t you wind up with movies like The Phantom or The Shadow.  Avengers doesn’t go for anything beyond what it is at its most base level.  We all know Joss Whedon can craft something with just a little more heft to it so maybe next time the gloves come off?  I’m not against silly or slight movies in general, it just bugs me when hundreds of millions of people look on in astonishment at all that silliness and don’t recognize it for what it is.  Because what it is is silly.  Treat it at such people.


avengers aircraft


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