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Ten Word or Less Review: A good day to fuck off.

Fuck Bruce Willis.  Fuck this lousy ass Die Hard movie.  Fuck the last one too.  Fuck everyone who ignored their conscience and held their nose for the bloated fucking paycheck they got for making this rancid nugget of fuckery.  Again, fuck Bruce Willis.  Fuck the guy who scored it.  Fuck the asshole who wrote it.  Fuck the computer he wrote it on and fuck the software he used to write it.  Fuck the Gruber’s for having no more brothers.  Fuck the guy who did the sound.  Fuck the guy who edited it.  Again, fuck Bruce Willis.  Fuck the guy who held the camera and fuck all the people who held it for him when he was busy fucking around.  Fuck the catering people who fed the fuckers who made this awful fucking ball of shit.  Double fuck the guy who ‘directed’ it because next to Willis he’s the biggest, worthless fuck of all.  Fuck 20th Century Fox for getting everyone in the room with piles of fucking money.  Fuck them again for not calling John ‘I know how to make a fucking Die Hard movie’ McTiernan.  Again, fuck Bruce Willis.  But most of all fuck me for watching it.  I could have gone the fuck home and hit my head against the fucking wall for 90 minutes but I’m not always the brightest fucker in the bunch.



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