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Ten Word or Less Review – World War Zzzzzzzz

Brad Pitt spends the majority of this film running to catch helicopters and airplanes.  It’s amazing what Hollywood can spend $190 million on.  Max Brooks’ book, an acclaimed oral history of the zombie apocalypse told from the perspective of dozens of characters, gets its title adapted and not much else. The multitude of stories and personalities he created have been hacked down to a threadbare narrative in which Brad Pitt tries to solve the riddle of the zombie attack which is taking over the world.  At least Director Marc Foster can be given some small amount of credit for keeping things moving.  WWZ has a merciful sense of quick pacing most movies this summer couldn’t be bothered with.  But you get the feeling that things move so fast to disguise the simple fact that there’s almost no story to follow or invest in.  And the PG-13 rating means that everything has been scrubbed and sanitized to a fault.  The much troubled production, complete with release delays and a newly shot finale act, isn’t any kind of epic foul up, it’s just another movie with a lot of people running in circles for very little purpose. Ho hum.